Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mount Washington

So my first weekend during the course have arrived, and all what I wanted is to make the most out of it!
So the decision was to take it to the extreme and knock the top of the highest mountain around! Mount Washington!

When ever I mention I am going to New Hampshire people start to tell me about Mount Washington and how crazy it's weather can be! The highest went speed and the most snow fall ever recorded were both on top of this mountain.

Charlie, one of the course students, mentioned that he can get me up there in the first few days of the course, though I asked him if we can arrange it for this weekend and in couple of days a bunch of friends and students were ready to join!

I was super exited for that, it was my first White mountain, my first Snow hike, and the first  real winter Experience I had!

I wasn't sure what to wear or what to take up with me indeed, but again with the help of Jeff -one of the student of the course- who offered to lent me all the gear - clothing I will need. And now I am ready!

The next morning, and early even before sun rise, we started out trip toward Mount Washington, we were 8 people, and lucky enough we had one clear day on the mountain which is unusual for mount Washington, we started our ascend, but soon the terrain started to be steeper and steeper, as the weather got colder. In my mind going back before the peak wasn't an option!

I was moving a bit slower than the rest of the team, apparently my body was not accustomed at all for such temperature! With the help of Chris - Another SOLO Student- I managed to stay on the trail. The wind was strong once we crossed the trees line. But I was getting closer to the peak.

3:40 hours and I was there on top of the mountain, the temperature was just about 0 f!! With the wind it even felt more cold! (apparently I had colder days in the weeks after :) )

The descend was much easier, in 2:30 hours we were done!

The Experience was amazing, pushing few weather limits to find that we can still do more!

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