Monday, December 8, 2014

I believe it is time for a new adventure!

It has been almost two years since I came back from Africa. The first year went well, but the second year unfortunately didn’t go as planned, this doesn’t mean it was bad, but it needed a stop and a look to change the plans for a better one.

I believe traveling is another addiction I am getting dragged in (considering the first to be Adventure and Outdoors), and so I believe it is time to hit the road again.

This time I want to choose a different environment, Something that I have never done, maybe the cold of Amman is not enough and so I decided to head to the States I believe it is way much colder than Amman now a days.

Indeed I was lucky (Once Again :P) to get the chance to travel to New Hampshire in order to attend the WMT (Wilderness Medical Technician ) in SOLO and become an instructor for the same course. The course will be 5 weeks covering all Wilderness medicine subjects needed for any wilderness rescue mission.

A great Thanks goes to Abraham Path Initiative for sponsoring me for this course.

I will Leave to the states end of this month, and will be posting on this blog for all of you my friends to follow my news :) 

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