Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amman, London, Chicago, Boston, and New Hampshire

The day before I leave was a busy day, maybe not truly but more mentally, a bit of last minute freaking out, Indeed I was still having some doubts if I did the right thing turning off the IT offer I have just got, and rather choosing again to stick to travel and to the adventure. But to get out of all this mess I decided to go out with some friends for one more last Shisha.

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During the night I had only one hour sleep, and early I had to leave to the airport to catch a long flight to London, And as exited as I didn't want to miss any view along the way, I didn't sleep at all in the plain but my award was the amazing views flying over the Alps.

Another long flight took me from London to Chicago, this time I couldn't keep my eyes open for long, I fell asleep for couple of hours.

Arriving to Chicago my brother in law was waiting to pick me up in the airport, he drove me a bit around Chicago's down town. I spent a nice day down in Chicago with my sister and her family, after I had another fight to pick me down to Boston.

There in Boston, a nice friend was waiting to pick me up from the Airport, and as SOLO didn't expect my arrival until the next day, Jenna offered to host  me at her family house, a lovely family that I enjoyed spending the time with, with a nice punch of new things I tried there, mainly 2 of the most important things to be done in New Hampshire :) , Eating my first Lobster and watchi
ng my first Hockey match. Jenna and her family were very hospital for my stay with them, and I can only be glad to have them helping me around -Specially guiding me through my Lobster experience ;).

The next morning Jenna drove me to Conway where SOLO have their campus, and where I will be spending the next month. Around 2 hours passed without even knowing along the way to arrive there, a nice snowy area, and an amazing wooden buildings almost Isolated from any human crowd, this was the campus, even though I had to wait for some hours inside the empty building before any one arrived to tell me where am I going to spend the night I managed to get around the different offices and facilities round the campus.


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  2. I was getting bore since morning but as soon as I got this link & reached at this blog, I turned into fresh and also joyful too.

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