Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jordan Trail (Homrat Ma'en to Waleh)

Down Wadi Waleh - Hidan
During the last days we have done scouting 3 more sections of The Jordan Trail, (Zarqa Ma’en p to Makawer, Makawer down to Hedan), and parts of the third section that goes down from Humrat Ma’en to Zarqa Ma’en, all 3 parts are amazing hikes, where you get up and down through many different topographic

and terrain, starting from a desert area in Homrat ma’en down to the basalt gorges of Zarqa Ma’en and then up again through the limestone country to Makawer, after we went again through limestone valley all the way down to reach the lime part of Wadi Waleh, the difference in elevation throw these parts passes you through many different habitats and vegetation, in most of the parts we tried to follow what left of the old roman road that used to connect these areas ages before –where ever is possible- during the next week we will carry on from Waleh crossing to Mujeb and all the way to Karak. We also encountered many Bird life along the way, Kestrels, different species of wheat-ears, black starts, red starts, some flocks of European bee eaters and blue cheeked bee eaters.

Near Makawer, overlooking Dead Sea.
The sceneries in the way going up from Zarqa Ma’en all the way to Makawer were magnificent, where most of the time we were overlooking the dead sea,and along the way you can still find some ruins every now and then that was serving along the old roman road.

Mark taking some scouting notes.

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