Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The First Specialized Training in Nature Guiding

A photo of the participants in the Nature Guides Training course
The RSCN held the first specialized training for their Nature Guides last Sunday (5-1-2014) as part of the building capacity for their employees in order to provide the guests with the best experience possible.
The training was delivered by Four FGASA (Filed Guide Association of South Africa) Guides (Osama Cori, Osama Al-Smadi, Abdulla Abo-Rumman, and Nadia Al-Aloul) who have spent a year studying Nature Guiding In Eco-Training Academy, South Africa.

This Course was a first of its kind in the region, covering an introduction to the intended skills needed for a guide to build the best experience for his guests, and covering the basic knowledge that the guide need to possess to be able to interpret the environment to his guests. The training where build through over 6 months during which the four guides were working on developing a training curricula similar to the South African one but well fitted to the needs of the region.

The training covered different subjects like:
  •           An introduction to understand Nature Guiding.
  •           Hospitality and customer care.
  •           Guiding Best Practices.
  •           Building and inducting a guided experience.
  •           Nature Knowledge in : Geology, Plants, Mammals, Birds and History
  •           Daily practical training.

The training was delivered between Azraq and Shomari Reserves, ended with a practical assessment for the participating guides.

This training came as part of the continuous work of the RSCN and its partner Eco-hotels who took a part in the training as well, to develop their services and building capacity for the local communities, where all participant guides were from the local communities near the different reserves. The RSCN have been a leader in delivering all types of Nature related training in the region to develop Nature conservation and sustainable development, the course is an introductory for the underdevelopment Nature guiding  training  to be delivered in the Nature Academy being built in Ajloun Area By the RSCN with the Support from USAID and other governmental parties.

Many thanks for the USAID for supporting this training program too.
Same goes to Eco-Hotels, Fynan Eco-lodge for their enriching participation.

The participants were:
  • From Azraq Wetland Reserve:

                                           -  Ala’a AbdelKhaleq
                                           -  Khaled Al-Ftena
  • From Ajloun Forest Reserve:

                                         - Tareq Al-Momani.
                                           - Ali Al-Smadi
                                         - Ra’afat Al-Qudah
  • From Dana Reserve:

                                        - Salim Al-Na’an’ah
                                        - Mohammad Al-Khawaldeh
  • Mujeb Reserve:

                                           - Ali Al-Nawasrah
                                           - Nidal Al-Rahayfeh
                                           -  Misha’al Al-Emeryeen
  • Eco- Hotels (Fynan Eco-Lodge):

                                           -  Suliman Al-Hassasin.

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