Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why You Should Hire an Adventure Athlete?

I was reading some reviews for the book “Business Lessons from the Edge”, which talks about how extreme athletes use intelligent risk-taking to succeed in business, when the idea of this article came to me.

Why would anyone hire a crazy risk-taker who risk even his own life?

Well what does it take to succeed in business? Risk taking. Preparation. Self-confidence. The same principles that drive extreme athletes to the highest peaks of performance.

The book shows many great adventure athletes have turned their passions and skills into thriving entrepreneurial careers. By applying these hard-won lessons of athletic competition to the hard-fought arenas of business.

A good adventure athlete –who is a good hire- will be able to use the following skills learnt in from the sport into the business field:
  •           Take intelligent risks
  •           Make lightning-fast decisions
  •           Prepare his mind and body for any challenge
  •           Leap over obstacles
  •           Roll with the punches
  •           Define the goals and go for the gold!

Since most of these sports are team sports where the team passes by a life or death situations and depends on the cooperation between all the team members, these athletes can also be a good team members, and even team leaders.

The book shows the action-packed stories and revealing interviews, which designed to excite and inspire the reader. Stories of how race-car driver Don Bell applied winning tactics to build a $4 billion company; how surfers Izzy and Coco Tihany made a big splash with their surf school and apparel company for women; how aerobatic pilot and paraglider Mike Angiulo piloted a high-flying, billion-dollar venture for Microsoft.

Whether you're running a company or rappelling down a cliff, this is what it takes to make the grade in today's fiercely competitive world. So get ready to climb your mountain. Run your race. Walk your trail. You can make a difference-and aspire to be great-in business, sports, and life. The decision is yours.

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