Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last Day in Mvuu Camp- Liwonde National Park

It is a mixed feelings indeed, a part of me is happy because the time to go back home is getting closer and closer.

But with all the memories through the five months I stayed here in the camp I feel sad, the camp become my African house, my small cottage have the coziness of a home! The family I have in here, the smiley faces in the morning, my little army and dedicated soldiers - who think I am Osama Bin Laden :D-, the naughty Elephants, the laughing of the hippos, the monkeys who alway set there waiting to steal your food, the ghosts of the Rhinos, the lion, and the night drive searching for it in every time we hear it close by, the lovely and the crazy nights of Dancing, listening to music, or just talking pulshit :), my cool neighbors and the story telling in the afternoon, my baboon tree where I used to sneak out from the camp into the bush to watch the baboon and chill out when ever I need time out!, and more and more, each of which a separate story.

The only hope is that I will be back one day!

Will miss all of my big family here, all the friends, all the times we had!
Thank you all for every thing!

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