Monday, May 14, 2012

A day in Istanbule

Wednesday 3rd of may:
I spent all the day packing my stuff, meeting some friends to say good bye, but because I was short in time I couldn't meet all of them, the nice thing that I came across some of them on the streets. A great chance to say good bye. I am going to miss you all my friends.

I couldn't sleep, because I spent all the night awake packing my bags. 4 am my brother dropped me in the airport. And that was the goodbye Jordan.

4th may:
At 9:30 we landed in Istanbule, I was happy to take my first steps on Europe :)
It wasn't allowed for us to leave the airport. But come on, it is going to be 18 hours, so we all agreed that we will go in a round in Istanbule. For me and Nadia it was the first time there, Abdulla has spent some time there before, Smadi was the expert, he took us by metro all around, Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, Imnone, and Taksim square. And I was most happy that I got the chance to meet to amazing friends there Jeniffer & Serefe. They managed to handle all the tariff just to come and say hi. Getting to know them I just get more interested in the amazing canyoning activates they are doing, in dead I hope I will soon got the chance to meet the rest of ICC canyoning club, Bahader, Fusun, and all.

I would here thank Serefe for driving us back to the Airport, even she played that we got lost and we believed we won't catch the airplane, and without her help.

Good bye Istanbule, I am in love with you. South africa here I come.

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